• Kate Jentz

A day on set

One year ago, I auditioned to be in a short film. This was one of my very first film auditions and I was so nervous. However, I put on a brave smile, stepped in front of the camera and did my best. It took me several takes and lots of editing, but soon enough, I had a self-tape I was proud of. I submitted this to the casting call and waited. All the other actors out there know that one of the hardest things about auditioning is waiting to see how you did. Nervousness begins to build up inside of you as you wonder what you could've done differently.

Why didn't I say the line this way? Would they even like me? Am I going to get the role?

Lucky for me, the call came soon after my audition, about a day later. I was about to eat dinner when the phone rang. I had no idea who was calling me, but I picked up anyway. Thank God I did. I was greeted by the director who said he had been very impressed with my work. He said I had gotten the role!

I think I said "thank you" no less than fifty times. I was so unbelievably excited to get the script and start working.

After a few meetings with the director and the cast, it was already time to film. In September 2019, I went to the shoot location and prepared myself for my first time on a film set. I had been in commercials before and even performed on a stage, but for me, nothing compared to the thrill of being on the film set for the first time. There were cameras, sound equipment, and fellow actors everywhere I looked. It was like walking into heaven.

I filmed for two days for a total of 18 hours on set. I got to know so many amazing people, learned so many new things, and had a lot of fun!

I am so incredibly grateful for the experience I had!

My advice to all you actors out there: Just keep working because the end result is totally worth it!

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